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Bay Yanlis

4 Sterne

Ezgi is a beautiful girl who works as a public relations specialist. She is tired of wrong relations and does not understand where she does wrong. Even though she devotes her life for her boyfriend, she ends up disappointment all the time.
Her latest relationship becomes a disappointment too. Ezgi organizes a surprise birthday party for her boyfriend Soner whom she has been dating for 3 years and expecting to get married. However, she discovers that her boyfriend has been having a love affair.
Ezgi breaks up Soner but she keeps complaining about her life. She realizes that she is destined to find wrong guys. 3 months after ending her relationship, she decides to focus on her work-life and aims to become a successful career woman.
However, Ezgi finds out that her junior is promoted at the workplace and she is punished just because she has not focused on her work lately. Even though Ezgi has been working at that workplace for almost 7 years, she becomes unemployed all of a sudden.
(Quelle: Turkish Drama )

Çilek Kokusu

4 Sterne

Asli is a young and beautiful girl who works at a pastry shop and loves making delicious cakes. While she is delivering a strawberry birthday cake to the customer, she is involved in a car accident and ruins her cake. The person who is driving the car is Burak, a famous womanizer belonging to a rich family.  They start discussing from the moment they bump into each other and wish not to see each other again.
Since Asli could not deliver the birthday cake, she is fired as soon as she goes back to the pastry shop. She becomes so desperate and does not know how to a find a new job again.
At that time, her friend Gonca who is working at the same pastry shop accepts the job offer that she has taken from a big hotel in Bodrum. She persuades Asli to go to Bodrum together so that they could earn enough money while working in the hotel during the high season.
(Quelle: Turkish Drama )

Erkenci Kuş

4 Sterne

Sanem is a natural and cheerful girl who works at a neighborhood grocery shop. Eeach morning she wakes up early and opens up the shop for her father. She is very pleased with her life. After working a few hours, she starts dreaming about her book and writes her thoughts down. Even though nobody believes, she knows that she would eventually finish her book.
One day, Sanem’s happy life turns upside down. Her mother threatens her to get married unless she finds an office job just like other young girls. If Sanem cannot find a decent job, her parents would give their permission to prospective groom Muzaffer who has been in love with Sanem for a long time and wants to get married to her.
In order not to get married, Sanem starts looking for an office job. She starts to work at advertising company Countess where her sister Leyla works. Since she does not have any work experience, Sanem would not have any specific job description and she would run errands in the office.
Sanem tries to adjust her new work life but she gets her nose into trouble all the time. The new arrangements in the company also make the things more complicated. The owner of the company retires and his elder son Can becomes a new manager. Can is a handsome photographer who travels around the world and takes beautiful photos. He is free-spirited, adventurous, and cool. He does not like city life and for this reason, he leaves his family business behind and lives as he wishes.
When Can learns that his father has some health problems, he accepts to run the company in his absence. He knows that it would be hard for him to settle back in Istanbul but he wants to do his best to please his father and make him comfortable. Until his father gets healthy again, Can would run the company and set the things in order.
(Quelle: Turkish Drama )

Kiralık Aşk

5 Sterne
5 Sterne

Defne is a young and beautiful girl who works as a waitress and supports her family. Since her parents passed away, she lives peacefully together with her grandmother, brother, and little sister. Even though she does not have wealth, she never complains and becomes happy easily. However, her simple life gets too complicated and turns upside down when her brother is taken by mafia for his debt. In order to save his brother, Defne has to find 200,000 TL in 24 hours.
Omer, on the other hand, is a young CEO who has a well-known shoe store. He is silent, serious, introverted, and workaholic. When his parents passed away, he finds peace in a small shoemaker store where he starts to work as an apprentice. He learns how to make shoes and starts his own business through creating a well-known brand. Even though he comes from a wealthy family, he never wants his grandfather’s money and tries to do anything by himself. He lives in a disciplined way as if he wants to forget his past: wakes up too early, goes boating, eats certain things in determined days, and works so hard until too late.
These two different worlds collide when Omer goes to the restaurant where Defne works. Omer wants to escape from an arranged date which is organized by his aunt-in-law Neriman. Therefore, he pretends to be a boyfriend of Defne without getting Defne’s approval. He even kisses Defne to persuade the girl whom he is supposed to get married if everything goes well. Omer successfully ruins this arranged date by using Defne but he does not know that all this scheme is seen by his aunt-in-law Neriman.
Neriman tries to find a way to make Omer gets married in six months in order to please her father-in-law who threatens to disinherit them. She wants to find a girl who can make Omer fall in love with her in six months. Neriman remembers Defne and proposes her an extraordinary offer. According to this offer, Defne will work as a personal assistant of Omer, she will look beautiful all day, she will do what Omer likes, and she will make him fall in love with her. Even though Defne does not want to be involved in this kind of game, she accepts the offer to save her brother. She takes the money, saves her brother, and starts her new challenging life.
(Quelle: Turkish Drama )

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